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dynaptive-worksTM is a comprehensive platform for building business process applications that can be deployed as web portals. Click here to learn more....

dynaptive-works SPTM is a web portal solution for managing speakers and presentation proposals for conferences and other events. Click here to learn more.....

dynaptive-works HRTM is a web portal solution for conducting recruiting, on-boarding, compliance and communication functions. Click here to learn more.....

Dynaptive offers web-portal based solutions for both internal and customer-facing business processes. We understand that business processes evolve continuously and the technology solutions built to support them should be agile and adapt readily to change. Our solutions are delivered on our dynaptive-worksTM software platform, which is designed to keep up with ever-changing business needs. 

We have been serving our clients since 2004 with a mission to provide software solutions that deliver best value immediately and over the long term.

Our solutions involve a measured mix of technology and work process improvements.

Our client engagements are long-term partnerships that extend beyond the design-build-deliver cycle of a typical information technology project.

We offer fully managed Software as a Service (SaaS) option hosted in the cloud for a no-hassle experience for our customers.